October 2010

Mr Foley is going really well at the moment which is great, getting selected for festivals all over the shop.
We found out we won another today MELIES D'OR NOMINATION and the AUDIENCE PRIZE at the 3rd Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. This is the first time a film has one both awards! (so hopefully it wasn't just the Jury in the audience!)
As a Méliès d'Argent winner, the film is automatically selected for the Méliès d'Or competition at the Sitges Film Festival (7-17 October).

We have our chubby fingers crossed.
June 2010

We won the Jury Award for best short film at the San Francisco United Short Film Festival.
We are delighted as this follows hot on the heels of the Fastnet Festival win!

May 2010

We were awarded best in festival at the Fastnet Short Film Festival in Ireland. We are delighted with this win as it's on home turf and this great festival has a very prestigious Jury and Patrons list including people like David Puttnam, Jeremy Irons, Jim Sheridan and Steve Coogan!
Enda was present to collect the giant award which is now creepily overlooking our desk as we write this.

February 2010

Nice Mention in the Irish Times:
"The funniest, most imaginative piece in the selection was, perhaps, the impressively weird Mr Foley. Directed collectively by the D.A.D.D.Y design and animation studio, the picture stars Mark Doherty as a man who wakes from an operation to find the nature of sound altered in a surreal and disturbing fashion. But hang on. In what sense is Mr Foley a musical? Who cares? If the genre is to prosper we, perhaps, need to be flexible in our definitions."

Link to article.

April 2010
Mr. Foley was one of 38 films of over 2000 submitted selected to compete in the international competition at the Dresden International Short Film Festival. Mr. Foley was awarded the Best ‘Sound-Scape’ Award from the European Centre for the Arts Hellerau.  Mike attended the festival and had to smuggle the weighty Golden Horsemen award home from Dresden, click on the photo to see it going through customs!
Golden Horsemen

Mr Foley played loads of festivals over the last 2 years - we lost count!

The film also picked up a bunch of awards along the way. Yay!

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